Short Term Missions

Come to Cambodia and be a part of what God is doing. "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few." While discipleship and deep personal growth most often takes place in the context of sharing life, day by day, there will always be a need for short term missions. It is a huge encouragement to the Cambodian Christians to see that they are a part of a bigger body of believers. It is refreshing to have people from all over the world come to encourage and build up the missionaries and Cambodian people that will remain. Whether it is your church, your organization, or you personally that wants to come, contact us and let's see what God has planned.


As the ministry expands into the areas of after school programs, theological training, and community development there will be an ever expanding need for more workers to come and join in the mission. 

Other Ways to Get Involved

Future Projects

Medical Community Center - We are praying and asking for God's leading on this dream. When the students decide the time has come to develop the medical center we want to be ready to support them as God leads. This center would greatly impact the neighborhood the community center is located in. Many families in this area make less than $3 a day. 

Theological Training Center - There is a great need for church leaders and pastors to be educated well in Biblical hermeneutics and church leadership. The leaders need to know how to study the word effectively and then to teach their people how to study the word effectively so that God-centered discipleship can take place. 

After School Programs - Children that live near the community center are some of the most "at risk children" due to their families inability to afford sending their kids to school. An after school program that teaches English, Cambodian reading and grammar, as well as mathematics would greatly benefit these children who simply need the opportunity to succeed.

Physical Needs

  • Finance - There is always more ministry to be done, more opportunity for needs to be met, especially in a place like Cambodia. Not only does the ministerial staff need support but the students
    • daily upkeep of ministry (facilities)
    • children's ministry (food, supplies)
  • Medicine and Medical supplies - One of the main student ministries is medical missions. It is a door that opens up opportunities to share the gospel in the villages as well as around the community. There is always a need for more medical supplies.
  • School supplies - As we expand the ministry to host an after school program for the community children we will need a constant supply of school supplies. 
  • Theological books -  As we begin the theological training center for pastors and church leaders we will need a quality supply of theological books and training materials. Good quality materials will be used to distribute or translate into a Khmer Biblical leaders course. 

Spiritual Needs

  • Prayer - There is no greater need we have than for godly men and women to surround us in prayer. God has begun an amazing work in this place, but we realize that we are always in the position of needing God's direction and guidance. Join us as a prayer partner.
    • points of prayer:
    • protection - Spiritual protection is needed at every turn, so that the students continue to follow hard after Christ. 
    • perseverance - The weather is hot, the ministry is ever going, the needs are overwhelming; it is easy for exhaustion to creep in - prayer for God given endurance to finish the work that He has begun.
    • supplies - Pray that God provides all that is needed for the ministry to grow and God's Kingdom to advance. 
    • wisdom and guidance - We are utterly dependent on God to lead, to transform the hearts of the students and reach the hearts of the people. Not our wisdom but His will bring about the harvest. 
    • for the people -
      • Pray that God will form Christlike character in the students. 
      • Pray that God will turn the hearts of the people away from the world and towards Christ.