"It's not my will that I am in Cambodia, but truly the Lord's." -Philip Chung


Philip Chung was a pastor of a Korean American church in California for 10 years. Prior to that, he was a part of a gospel music mission team and preached the gospel to many people in Korea. After spending time in California, he owned a small business in Atlanta, Georgia for 8 years. During that time he became a member of North Point community church. 

A lot of people in Cambodia live without experiencing or knowing that there is somebody who loves them and cares for them. Philip felt a strong connection to the people of Cambodia because during his early life, growing up in South Korea, he experienced the same kind of atmosphere. He feels that the shared experience of his past gives him an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique and deeper way. 

Why Cambodia?

Philip decided to hear and obey Jesus' Great Commission when his sons reminded him that this calling was not only for the young, but for every disciple of Jesus. This sparked a season of prayer to find out what nation God was calling him to serve. It was during this time of prayer that God impressed upon Philip and Grace that Cambodia was where He wanted them.

Philip and his wife began to investigate and learn as much as they could about Cambodia. The more they learned about Cambodia the stronger they felt the call of God to go. They knew they had to obey His call. 


Philip and Grace Chung were married in 1980 and have three boys. 

  • Elliot Chung and his wife Ray Anne - Elliot serves as a pastor in Fullerton, California. They have one daughter, Shalom.
  • Patrick Chung and his wife Gracie - Patrick and Gracie are preparing for a mission in Cerritos, California. They have one daughter, Anna.
  • Chris Chung - Chris is studying for a degree in "Music in Worship" at Biolia University in Biolia, California. 

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