Beck Family


Our Story

From an early age Eric wanted to be a missionary. One of his first memories growing up in the church was of a missionary named Gabriel that came from Russia. Gabriel had a passion for Christ and sharing the gospel like nothing he had seen before. He made it clear to Eric that the call of the disciple of Jesus is to go and make other disciples, but who will go? Gabriel talked about Isaiah’s response in Isaiah 6:8 “Here I am Lord, send me.” From that moment on Eric had made a decision to go where the gospel is not, if God led him there.

Elizabeth had always been fascinated with the world beyond her home. During her college years, she participated in a short term missions trip to China to teach English for the summer. Elizabeth saw how the practical application of English education and purposeful living could benefit the students and upon her return to her college, promptly changed her major from a theology degree to elementary education and additionally sought a TESOL certificate. Shortly after she was challenged by a professor at her college to offer a “tithe of her life,” and live a few years serving abroad. The challenge was accepted but not realized for several years when she would meet her husband and share her dream with him.  

Eric and Elizabeth met in May 2004 and married the following year. After their first year of marriage they decided they would move to Korea to live in another culture and see what God would do with them there. The decision to move to Korea, in particular, was largely based on finances and a desire to visit the country Eric’s aunt was from. So with their 11-month old daughter, Clara, they moved to Korea.

God taught them many lessons during that first year in Korea, but the biggest was this: God doesn’t need qualified people, God needs willing people. Since that time, Eric became the pastor of an international church in Chuncheon, South Korea (Harvest Time International Church). The church has been one of the greatest blessings of their lives. Eric saw his ministry in Korea as building up a healthy community of believers from many different nations that would faithfully follow Christ, train up leaders and, send them out prepared to share the gospel to their home countries becoming missionaries to their own people. By God’s grace, that is what Harvest Time International Church has become.

Through their time ministering in the church, God transformed Eric and Elizabeth to be people who are willing to go and live wherever He sends them. In 2015, Eric had the opportunity to lead a team from Harvest Time to serve in Cambodia for a week. It was during that trip that God began to give Him a vision for where their family would serve next.

After a year of praying and seeking the advice of others the decision was made to move to Cambodia and join a ministry led Pastor Philip. (For a fuller explanation of how God lead them to this decision please click here.)

Eric and Elizabeth have a passion to disciple the next generation, to lead high school and college-age students, showing them how to follow Christ so that they can be salt and light in their community and beyond as Cambodia has many needs and opportunities to be dynamically impacted by this generation for the kingdom of God.  

By God’s grace, the Beck family will move to Cambodia in May of 2017. They will leave Korea late November of 2016 and begin the journey of support raising and training in the U.S.  


Eric (35) Elizabeth (35) Clara (10), Joshua (2), Caleb (newborn)


  • Our aim is to disciple men and women who will live out their faith in a country that is in desperate need to know Christ.
  • Our aim is to start an after-school program for the students around the community center.
  • Our aim is to begin a theological training center for Cambodian pastors and church leaders.
  • Our aim is to begin a community center clinic for the area residents to come and get basic medical services and advice.
  • Our aim, above all, is to follow the Spirit’s leading, to further the Kingdom of God, and to love as Christ loved. This aim drives everything else.